Kenwood CHEF Bowl Pad KW-711918

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Bowl Seat Pad for Kenwood CHEF Kitchen Machines
Diameter = 14 cm.
This Pad is the new improved version of the old white plastic one.

Fit List:

  • A900CHEF, A701, A701A
  • KM001, KM002, KM003, KM010, KM011, KM013, KM030
  • KM200, KM201, KM210, KM220, KM290
  • KM300, KM310, KM315, KM316, KM330, KM331, KM335, KM336, KM340, KM346
  • KM400, KM410, KM416, KM417, KM440, KM460
  • KM500, KM502
  • KMC500, KMC505, KMC510, KMC550, KMC560
  • KMP03
  • PM400